Our company has served Long Island and the five boroughs for decades. Families from Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City have entrusted Capt. Cooke to assist during one of life’s most difficult transitions.

We offer professional services for a farewell to your loved one at sea aboard our 72′ charter boat. In choosing our company, you are ensured a memorable and beautiful way of scattering ashes at sea.

Also offered are private charters for revisits to original scattering locations. We understand the significance of this moment and provide  options to make this moment special.

It is recommend that you speak with one of our team personally when planning your scattering of ashes to ensure specifics of final wishes are honored.

Services offered:                                                                                                                          

    *Non-Attended Scattering:  Some families may wish not to attend the scattering. This is completely understandable. For these services, the vessel sails three miles from the beach with a Captain, crew and ordained non-denominational minister. When the vessel arrives to the location, our minister says a prayer and words of kindness as the ashes are scattered. The family is provided with a small vile of seawater from the location (optional) and a certificate with the coordinates of the scattering.

    *Attended Scattering (with or without clergy):  The primary vessel we use for attended scatterings is the Miss Freeport V. The Miss Freeport V provides abundant outside setting for the service, a comfortable cabin for the voyage, and sound system. For families who require, we can provide an ordained, non-denominational clergy to preside over the scattering. Each scattering is unique. Our clergy works directly with families for the scattering. Weather you choose to utilize clergy or not, our vessel can accommodate from 1 to 100 guests comfortably for a attended scattering three miles from shore.

A Tradition of Personalized Service
Every family that works with us can count on the personal attention of our full-time staff.  With years of experience, we have helped families combine timeless traditions with the most personal, individual expressions of love and care.

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